The Story of Amor y Flor

Hola! My name is Lorraine and I am the creator behind Amor y Flor velas. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and am a self-taught vela maker.  I have been making nontoxic soy candles for over 10 years.  When deciding which candle scents to make, I asked one simple question, “what candles would I buy if I could have any candle I wanted?”  I realized there were no scents that represented my life as a Latina. There are so many beautiful fragrances in Latin American culture.  My first scents were inspired by my grandmother’s rose garden and the large frothy pitchers of horchata she would make for me every summer. 

Family, friends, coworkers loved them so much that they forced me to create an Etsy shop and website…and the rest is history!  

We hope you enjoy our candles!


Amor y Flor